Three Ways Coaching Has Positively Impacted My Life

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Last year I became a health coach. I did this for 2 main reasons:

  • I wanted to hold myself accountable for my own health.
  • I wanted to help others on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

A couple of years ago I met this awesome lady on Facebook. We suffered the same awful heart condition brought on by pregnancy so we met in an online support group for this condition and we seemed to hit it off quite nicely. Then I found out she was a Beachbody Coach and that just made me love her tons and tons more!

I love all things Beachbody. I’ve been a customer since 2002 when Slim in 6 was popular. In fact becoming a Beachbody Coach is something I’ve thought about for quite some time, since maybe 2010. I had ordered Chalene Extreme, which was Beachbody’s newest program at the time, and read about becoming a coach on the flyer/pamphlet that came packed up with my new program. Sadly though about a week later I literally tripped over my own foot, fell out of my front door and oh-so gracefully landed on my outstretched wrist and smashed (yes, SMASHED) said wrist in three places. Hey, when I do something it’s go BIG or go home. Surprisingly I didn’t need surgery to fix it, just six LONG weeks in a splint followed by almost four months of intense physical therapy to help restore a decent range of motion in not only my newly healed wrist but also my elbow (my splint encased my elbow s well, so it was affected too). So, the idea of becoming a Beachbody Coach was put on the back burner for so long that I had actually forgotten all about it. That is until I met my amazing new friend/soul sister. Seriously, I love this girl – I’m convinced we were cut from the same cosmic cloth because there’s no one else I’ve ever met that I have SO much in common with.

So, In got this amazing lady to become my own health coach and I joined her 21 day challenge group. I was hooked and even more convinced that I wanted to become a coach, but first I had to convince my husband. It didn’t happen right away, and he’s still not 100% sold on it, but since he knows how much I love this company he’s satisfied that I get a coach discount on all products so it’s okay.

So, like I said I signed on as a coach a little more than a year ago and it’s only just now that I’m getting into the nitty gritty of coach training and I’m starting to put together a challenge group that I want to do in the fall, you know like when all the kids go back to school and we moms start trying to burn off all that delicious BBQ food we indulged in over the summer… happens to me every single year.

So even though I haven’t run a challenge group yet and I’m starting to piece together my first one, being a Beachbody Coach has truly had a positive impact on my life. How?

Three Ways Coaching Has Positively Impacted My Life?

  1. I now have a sense of community/belonging: I’m part of an awesomely amazing team full of wonderful coaches and leaders who have been nothing but supportive and who really want to see me, and everyone on our team, succeed.
  2. Personal accountability: That’s right! What better way to stay on track with your own fitness goals than to be a living-breathing example of how well Beachbody products work? Am I right? I’ve been much more aware of what I’ve been fueling my body with and making sure I get my workout(s) done for the day in the past 1 year than I have in the past 4 years (longer really).
  3. Getting my shit together: This is a tough one for me. I’ll sometimes complain about my husband but man am I lucky to have him. He’s definitely the adultier adult in this relationship. His organizational skills border on anal but thank goodness for them or else nothing would get down around here. And finally!!! After nearly 25 years of marriage some of those organization skills are starting to rub off on me. Could be because of my husband… yes, some of it is but I also have to give credit to Beachbody and my amazing team. They have showed me just how important is it to pull my own shit together. This may fall under the guise of personal accountability, but I’m just going to leave it here in its own category. Being an unorganized mess has been an issue for me for practically my whole life. I’m pretty sure that’s why I was attracted to my husband in the first place… that whole opposites attract theory. I’m can also the queen of procrastination but I’m learning. Baby steps, yo. Since joining my team I’ve been writing things down and even making ‘To Do’ lists. My husband does that shiz too, but it’s only since joining my team that I’ve really started to take prioritizing seriously.

Has anything ever impacted your life at this level?



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  1. Ally | 9th Jul 17

    Love this! I am a Beachbody Coach too and for all the same reasons I fell in love too!!!

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