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I love makeup. No, let me rephrase that… I LOVE makeup!!! Interestingly this profound love for all things cosmetics didn’t start until last spring (2016) when I was :::gulp::: 43. I’m almost convinced it was a midlife crisis. I mean, it’s not just men that have those, right? Women can have ’em too. Right?

Anyway, I’ve calmed down a lot since I became makeup crazed a little more than a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked makeup. I started wearing the stuff when I was 16. I was a teenager in the 1980s so I would go a little cray cray with my eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. Can we say turquoise eye shadow, purple eyeliner and fire engine red lipstick? Oh, how I wish I was kidding! Last year I went contour crazy. Not as bad as the Kardashian/Jenner girls, but honestly it wasn’t that far off. That’s not the case nowadays – I will still do the contour, it’s just not as intense as say this time last year.

Anyway, every Sunday afternoon I sit at my makeshift makeup table and sift through my VAST collection. I sift and I pick out which palettes, blushes, foundations, bronzers, primers and lip colors I plan to use on my face for the upcoming week. I have SO much, too much even. I’ve been doing my best to hit pan on some of the items I use more frequently and even thin out my collection a bit. I’m more into finding my holy grail products and just sticking with only those in the future. And so I thought it’d be a little fun if I listed all of the products I plan to use for the upcoming week right here.


  • Primer – This week I’ll be using my Olay Regenerist Primer. I love this stuff so much. It quickly became my go-to drugstore brand makeup primer when I started using it back in early fall 2016. I think it works. I notice a slight decrease in some of the finer lines on my forehead, and my pores aren’t as visible when I use this stuff. The secret is to apply it and let it set for about 5-10 minutes before moving onto foundation.
  • Foundation – Since it’s going to be hot/humid for the next week I’m going light with my foundation and Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Water Foundation  is the perfect choice. It’s so light that I barely know I’m wearing it. I bought this bottle (my shade is Porcelain) about 2 months ago and I’ve been saving it just for these hot and humid days of summer.
  • Foundation – I’ve been using CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder Compact for years and I’ve been using CoverGirl powder in general since I started wearing makeup way back when. This also feels light on my skin, and it doesn’t give me cake face.
  • Bronzer – My go-to bronzer for quite some time has been Sephora Collection Bronzer Powder. I use the shade Fiji. I use a very light hand with this as it’s quite pigmented, and I only use it on my forehead and my cheeks.
  • Blush – I’m head over heels for TOO FACED Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush. Not only is it a gorgeous shade that blends out beautifully, it smells amazing too. My daughter convinced my to finally buy it (and the eye shadow palette) because I just couldn’t stop putting my face in the display palettes at Sephora and inhaling deeply. Apparently I made a spectacle of myself a few times and embarrassed her. She’ll be 24 on Friday, so she knows exactly what to expect from me at this point in life when we go out in public together.  Anyway, I’ve been using this blush for weeks, so much so that I’ve actually put a dent in the peach design. I can just about guarantee that I’m going to burst into tears when I hit pan on this beauty.
  • Contour – I use this just along my jawline to get a little more definition. Sometimes I’ll do just a touch on my cheeks. Sometimes. Not always. I’ve been hooked on Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Matte Highlight & Contour Palette for quite some time now. I use the center shade, which is more grayish in color, along my jawline, cheeks (sometimes) and if I’m feeling really adventurous… my nose. I like the center shade because it accentuates without giving the appearance that your face is dirty. Ya know what I mean?
  • Setting spray – I never understood just how important setting spray was. Seriously, I used to just put the makeup on in the morning and then wonder where the hell it went by late afternoon/early evening. My foundation and eye shadow just seemed to vanish and I couldn’t figure out why. Then when I really got into makeup and I started watching a few beauty gurus on YouTube I saw how they all went on about setting spray and how important it was to lock in your look. So I decided to give setting spray a try. The first 3 brands I used were an epic fail, and then I gave MAC Fix+ Skin Refresher / Finishing Mist a try. This one is truly my holy grail as far as setting spray goes. There’s another brand I use that works well too, but I’ll save that for next week. This setting spray just helps everything blend together so perfectly on my face and it keeps my makeup on in place. It doesn’t budge, not even on the hottest most humid day.


  • Primer – Much like the setting spray, I never understood how important an eye shadow primer was. LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Shadow Primer was very first eye shadow primer I used after I saw a more mature beauty guru rave about it on YouTube. And a little goes a long way with this stuff. I purchased this tube last April and I’m still using it today! Okay, gotta admit, I’ve started using another eye shadow primer that I consider my holy grail product, but I won’t share that one until next week either. Still, this is a really good product. No creasing of the eyelids, makes the colors pop and your eye shadow will not budge. I promise.
  • Eye shadow – CoverGirl Tru Naked Multiple Color Eyeshadow Palette (nudes) is a great little palette. It’s nicely pigmented and blends beautifully. I also love the colors, especially for this time of year.
  • Mascara – I hate saying things like this, but I’m only using Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara because I have it, therefore I need to use it. I bought it a few months ago and I’m not really loving (or liking) it. I know I should just throw it away. But I can’t. That would just be such a waste to me. Whenever I use this mascara it flakes and runs. I wind up looking like I’ve been punched in both eyes by the end of the day. I’ll use it, but I’ll just make sure to pay attention to and maintain my under eye area more closely this week.
  • Brows – I’ve tried many brow pencils/liners, but L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Stylist Definer Brow Liner is one of my faves, and currently the only brow liner/definer I have in my stock so it’s what I’ll be using for awhile.


  • Primer – NYX lip primer. I’ve only recently started to use a lip primer and this is the second brand I’m using. I like it. My lipstick goes on smooth, it doesn’t feather and the color lasts a bit longer than if I didn’t use it at all.
  • Liner(s) – NYX and Ulta lip liner. The Ulta liner is almost done, so I’m using it until it’s gone. Then I’ll move onto the NYX brand. I like both brands almost equally. The NYX goes on smoother and lasts a bit longer.
  • Lipsticks –  I may be a weirdo in this department, but if I’m not crazy about the way a lipstick looks on me I’ll combine it with another one to see if I can improve it. That’s what happened with MAC liquid lipstick (Back in Vogue). I love, love, LOVE peachy nude shades of lipstick and I thought this would be one of those that I would just, well, LOVE. It’s a pretty shade but because I ordered it online I didn’t really get a feel for the true nature of the shade until I had it in my hands and I applied it to my lips. It’s not awful. Just on my lips it needed a little something more. I combined it with my NYX lip lingerie in Lace Detail. Again, a very pretty shade BUT on my lips… not so much. It actually made me look like I had no lips. They just sort of blended in with the rest of my face and it was kinda creepy looking. So I just dab a little of the NYX lip lingerie on top of the MAC liquid lipstick and then top all of that off with Urban Decay’s Naked lip gloss in the shade Nooner. I’m gonna be straight up honest here, I initially bought this shade because the name made me giggle. Yep, that’s a true testament to my level of maturity. Nooner. I’m even giggling right now. Anyway, you might think that adding the lip gloss might be overkill, and I would agree. BUT I’m over 35, like way over, and I think anything that’s ‘matte’ just isn’t right for mature skin, and that includes lip products. Matte products are great when you’re young and your skin is so firm and youthful. When you cross the 35 and older threshold matte products seem to seek out and find every single pore, fine line and wrinkle and settle into them leaving you with not the smoothest looking complexion.

So, that’s my face for this week. I’m also participating in No Buy July, which means I won’t be buying any new makeup this month. This is going to be hard because Urban Decay… Naked Heat… I want… I want it all, but I don’t need any of it. Not to mention I’m running out of makeup storage space.

So please share with me… What are some of your favorite makeup products/brands?

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