Lost in Transcription

Ugh! I probably shouldn’t talk about this because it’s probably a big no-no to do so. But at this point, what the hell? And I swear I didn’t mean to make a rhyme there. Geez! I did it again. I don’t know why but that rhyming thing has been happening a lot lately. Like my kids just roll their eyes at me now when it happens. They might be thinking I’m doing it on purpose but I swear I’m not.

Okay, so what was I talking about again? That happens a lot lately too. Ahhh… ya just gotta love perimenopause…

Anyway, I’ve been unable to work now for pretty much a week. I work from home as a medical transcriptionist, healthcare documentation specialist, medical language specialist, or whatever the hell we’re referred to now. So exactly a week ago I trained on a new platform, sort of. I’ve used the platform before, just not in about 5 years. So it was more of a brush up kinda thang… and I was excited to actually start working on my new account, which should’ve happened last Tuesday. But it didn’t. Instead the company my company subcontracts with underwent a cyber attack and they immediately shut down their system. That was smart. I guess. Well, long story short, their system is still down and I, along with many other medical transcriptionists, haven’t been able to work since.

I must admit that the extra time off has been nice, but now I really, really, REALLY want to get back to work. Or should I say START work. New company, new account, I was so excite! Yes, I said excite instead of excited. I get like that sometimes. I also say things like, “That’s soops adorbs!” and “I totes agree!” You can probably understand why my kids roll their eyes so much at me now, right?

So anyway, I was totes excite about working for this company, on this account. I was soops looking forward to my schedule and everything that comes along with the excitement of a new job, but NOPE. We’ve all been at a standstill since the cyber attack. And what really sucks is the lack of communication from the big transcription company that this happened to. There’s a communication page they set up, but it’s rarely updated.

Now, it’s not just the big transcription company and all of the subcontracting companies that have been affected by this. No… it spans further than that. Any hospital, clinic or doctor’s office that uses any of this big transcription company’s software is affected and they’ve been down as well.

Many times I’ve wondered why this hasn’t been covered by the media because all sorts of other nonsense seems to be front and center these days, but nothing truly important. I’m sure one of the reasons might be to prevent public panic, and there’s really no need to panic. These are medical records and medical records contain all sorts of private/personal information but they shut the system down immediately so I doubt any HIPAA law were violated.

Am I trying to stir the shit pot? No. I’m really not. I’m a firm believer in those who stir the shit pot should be forced to lick the spoon. No, I’m just a little transcriptionist who’s eager to get back to work and looking for some answers – instead of the same old tired ones that seem to be doled out by the big transcription company. I don’t blame my company at all; they just tell us what they’re told and what they were told was the platform that I was trained on might not be up again until the end of this week. And yes, I sometimes wonder if I should contact my old service (another big transcription company) and inquire about coming back because, no doubt, they’ve had a sudden surge of work because of this outage. But then I remember the reasons why I left and I shudder at the thought of having to put up with any of that again.

I chose this line of work because I love science and medicine, but I have a very weak constitution when it comes to blood and guts. I pass out and go down faster than a sack of potatoes dropped out of a 5th floor window on a hot summer day. I don’t know why I got so specific there. Sack of potatoes would’ve sufficed, right? The major plus side to this gig was being able to do it from home. But what good is that when you can’t even sign in?

I’m just totes bored and I want to get back to work! I’m… (drum roll please….) lost in transcription. 

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