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Things I Wish I Knew Before My Cat Died

So hard to believe that I said goodbye to my furry little soul sister, CiCi, a year ago. Gotta admit, it went by fast. Well, fast since the beginning of this year – the first 6 months were hell. Even though I’m much better emotionally than I was 365 days ago not a day goes by where she doesn’t cross my mind in some way. So CiCi’s story began almost 2 years ago in July of 2015 when she suddenly went from a happy and frisky kitty to a sullen little thing who dragged herself from one room to the next. Of course this happened on a Sunday and by the time I realized, shit! She needs medical attention ASAP! even the emergency vet for our area (an hour away in Red Bank) was closed. I rushed her into our vet the following morning where they weren’t sure if she had swollen intestines or cancer. What they did know was that she needed a $2000 exploratory surgery. And so wanting her to survive and all, I left her there in the vet’s care. When I called the next day to check on her and find out what’s going on, they still had no answers. They had performed an exploratory laparotomy with biopsies on her and they wouldn’t have the results back in until the following week. I picked her up 2 days later, happy to see her, relieved she was still alive and coming home but frustrated because we still had no answers – you know, like it was all the same from say $2000 ago. When the results came back they weren’t good. They weren’t as bad as they thought…