About Me

Welcome to my cray cray! They say everyone has a story to tell… Here are just a few snippets of mine <314523158_10208694249647444_4982650894354225298_n

So sit back, grab some vino and stay awhile! I’m so excited that you’re here and I would LOVE to connect with you!

I’m Trish – The makeup obsessed wife and mama behind this blog. Welcome to my life… come and watch me stumble through the journey of domestic Goddessness, mamahood, weight loss, re-gaining my health and everything else in between. Things around here can get messy – I’m talking hot messy – and scatterbrained because of work, errands, IEP meetings, and days where I nearly poke my eyeballs out with my mascara wand and my hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to – and you get to witness it all! Basically I’m just your ordinary suburban-dwelling, down to earth wife and mama who curses a bit too much (sometimes) and loves her husband and kiddos to the moon and back. I also love coffee and wine. LOTS of wine. I need it! But I can also be kind of a nut when it comes to health eating. I will confess though I love, LOVE, love food! And I love to cook and bake. I also love to read, write, work out, and take far too many pictures of mu kids, or just about anything, for my own good. Seriously, I’m that annoying person who photographs her food for Instagram. Go back to my landing page and check out my Instagram feed. Look at all the food, and kids, and quotes… I’m out of control!

I met my husband ages ago, back in 1989 when we both worked at Pathmark. Anyone else remember Pathmark? Most of
them became Stop & Shops within the last year. We then started dating in the summer of 1990 and got married on December 4, 1992. We have very different backgrounds, but we make it work.

We have three kids. Originally we both just wanted to have two kids, but we were surprised, and blessed, with our third 10+ years ago, who is a very special little boy. Well, okay, he’s not so little anymore.

14364884_10208417743534964_7840352338277503283_nWith our youngest, Jason, came an introduction to a world I never thought I would ever venture into – the world of special needs parenting. Jason was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder – not otherwise specified) when he was 2.  PDD-NOS used to to part of the autism spectrum, but that changed when the new DSM-5 was released. So now his diagnosis stands as ASD (autism spectrum disorder). I’ll be honest, his diagnosis is something I’ve struggled with to write about. It’s not because I’m ashamed of him or feel burdened by him. Hardly! I love my little bae so much but I do feel that what we go through is kind of our business. But at the same time I want to show anyone who might be trying to come to terms with their child’s new diagnosis that yes, there will be difficulties and no, not everything is sunshine, rainbows and lollipops – but it’s also not as horrific as many try to make this diagnosis out to be and how you, as their parent, handle and accept their diagnosis, and the way you treat your child afterwards will have a profound effect on their progress.

My pregnancy with Jason, while an unexpected happy surprise, brought on a slew of health problems that still
plague me to this day, a decade after he was born. I developed peripartum cardiomyopathy during my pregnancy. Basically it’s pregnancy-related heart failure. It went largely unchecked for the majority of my pregnancy and I finally received that diagnosis when I had to be rushed back to the hospital, via ambulance, a mere six hours after I had been discharged home four days after he was born. I’ve been on two cardiac medications for the past decade (down from the original five I was first discharged on). My heart has been okay for the past nine years but my aortic and mitral valves sustained quite a bit of damage due to the cardiomyopathy and I need a yearly echocardiogram to keep tabs on them. I have good days and I have bad days, but most of all I’m just very thankful that I’m still alive.

As you can see, my kids are extremely close. Sometimes I think they’re a little too close. Samantha and Jason, my 14479645_10208417742654942_4521231551787588990_noldest and youngest, are practically attached at the hip. But I’d rather have them be tight with one another than have them at each other’s throats all the time – I mean, that does happen here and there. They’re siblings after all, so they do fight, on occasion – and that’s normal. But it’s not frequent and my older kids are VERY protective of their little brother. My older kids even argue over who would get custody of Jason should anything prematurely happen to me and my husband. They’ve managed to work out some sort of joint custody deal between themselves… basically I don’t have to worry, he’d be well taken care of.

I’m, mostly, a stay-at-home mama. I do work part time as a medical transcriptionist from home. It’s nothing glamorous, just something that allows me to work and stay close to my kids, which is where I love being.

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay!